Nagisa is SO CUTE ヾ(>ᴗ<)ノ


can we please stop doing this to artists? if you like what they did and think it’s beautiful, respect them. don’t do this. it’s so obnoxious and rude and i hate seeing it because i’ve had people do this to me before and it’s a horrible feeling let’s just not do this to artists okay


DAY4: Fav Electric Type

I love Shiny Luxray and Shinx, so much. I also wonder how many expected me to draw pikachu, since i draw it a lot. Well I drew pikachu regardless and a joltik


jogging boyfriends u.u


So, can we please talk about this picture? I mean, where did Momo found that thing? I feel so sorry for nitori right now

Matsuoka Gou